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  bakatrouble c372f21cb1 always use debug 11 months ago
  bakatrouble c7dd8da30a add cors 11 months ago
  bakatrouble 69cb156934 add cors 11 months ago
  bakatrouble 711c5166ca fix 1 year ago
  bakatrouble d4e589ffda fix 1 year ago
  bakatrouble 9482f0f294 cleanup 1 year ago
  bakatrouble ae218e9802 fix 1 year ago
  bakatrouble f913752908 update 1 year ago
  bakatrouble 35c4ce6d24 Add notice to page bottom 3 years ago
  bakatrouble 3b44090709 use target blank instead of download attr 3 years ago
  bakatrouble 48ea2760ac fix static 3 years ago
  bakatrouble 5ca54aac56 chmod socket 3 years ago
  bakatrouble c45001746e add nginx log 3 years ago
  bakatrouble c7a0b15700 fix 3 years ago
  bakatrouble 91a855695d fix sockets conf 3 years ago
  bakatrouble 81fa46faed fix sockets conf 3 years ago
  bakatrouble 056b8a249d fix socket config 3 years ago
  bakatrouble cf23c35884 fix nginx config 3 years ago
  bakatrouble cc3a78c641 fix nginx config 3 years ago
  bakatrouble 746ec042d8 fix nginx config 3 years ago
  bakatrouble 4fcf7b290e add systemd unit files 3 years ago
  bakatrouble 9cc13191d4 Use Sanic 3 years ago
  bakatrouble 6cf94b0efe add domain 3 years ago
  bakatrouble 41ee641107 fix nginx config 4 years ago
  bakatrouble 1bcf348fa7 Fix links 5 years ago
  bakatrouble 6a6d278b40 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' 5 years ago
  bakatrouble 304e84eba5 Fix templates 5 years ago
  bakatrouble 24df962e91 Fix links in chrome 5 years ago
  bakatrouble 9902f86ee0 Move to main domain 5 years ago
  bakatrouble b211dae67b Fix icon for undetectable files 5 years ago
  bakatrouble be2a274c39 Fix socket permissions 5 years ago
  bakatrouble 916020221f Fix supervisor user 5 years ago
  bakatrouble cd4dacfdc6 Fix base hosts for prod 5 years ago
  bakatrouble 8c26558f2a Initial commit 5 years ago