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from datetime import datetime
from mimetypes import guess_type
from pathlib import Path
from jinja2 import Environment, FileSystemLoader
from conf import BASE_HOSTS, SORT_KEYS, ICONS
def icon_html(cls):
return f'<i class="{cls}"></i>'
class ListEntry:
def __init__(self, path: Path): =
self.mime = guess_type([0]
self.is_dir = path.is_dir()
self.size = path.stat().st_size
self.created = path.stat().st_ctime
def link_name(self):
if self.is_dir:
return f'{}/'
def display_name(self):
if self.is_dir:
return f'{}/'
return f'{} [{self.mime}]'
def icon(self):
if == '..':
return icon_html(ICONS['types']['parent'])
elif self.is_dir:
return icon_html(ICONS['types']['dir'])
elif self.mime:
t = self.mime.split('/')[0]
if t in ICONS['types']:
return icon_html(ICONS['types'][t])
return icon_html(ICONS['types']['file'])
def formatted_date(self):
return datetime.fromtimestamp(self.created).strftime('%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S')
def formatted_size(self):
size = self.size
for unit in ['B', 'KiB', 'MiB', 'GiB', 'TiB']:
if size < 2048:
return f'{size} {unit}'
size //= 1024
return f'{size} PiB'
def get_j2env(debug=False):
return Environment(loader=FileSystemLoader([Path('.').absolute()]),
trim_blocks=True, optimized=debug, cache_size=0 if debug else 400)
def get_sort_icon(test, sort):
if sort == test:
return icon_html(ICONS['sort_asc'])
elif sort == f'-{test}':
return icon_html(ICONS['sort_desc'])
return ''
def get_sort_link(current, sort, hidden):
return f'?sort={"-" if current == sort else ""}{sort}{"&hidden" if hidden else ""}'
def resolve_path(domain, path):
path_parts = [i for i in path.split('/') if i not in ['.', '..']]
joined_parts = '/'.join(path_parts)
if domain in BASE_HOSTS:
return Path('files').joinpath(*path_parts), joined_parts
for host in BASE_HOSTS:
if host in domain:
return Path('subdomain_files').joinpath(domain[:domain.index(host)-1], *path_parts), joined_parts
raise ValueError
def list_dir(directory: Path, sort, hidden=False, root=True):
lst = [ListEntry(path) for path in directory.iterdir() if hidden or not'.')]
lst = sorted(lst, key=SORT_KEYS[sort], reverse=sort.startswith('-'))
if not root:
lst = [ListEntry(Path('..'))] + lst
return lst